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"Everything we give is quality, because it is made by us with love and dedication"

– Marlene Fuentes, Tante Marlene's Chef


Tante Marlene Fuentes comes from a family of ranchers and restaurant owners from the area around Curacaví, near Santiago. Having grown with them, she inherited the love for gastronomy and the value of profesional and passionate work. At year 1998, she got to know her future husband, Germán Kleinknecht, with whom she started to work in import and export of exotic animals. Some time after, in June of year 2006, they decided to settle in with a restaurant, aiming to rescue the culture and essence of german cuisine.  So they founded Tante Marlene. At the beginning, both of them were in charge of the kitchen, and at that time our chef's hand was trained in the art of german gastronomy, learning from her husband. Through old family cooking books from the swabian region of Baden-Württemberg, especially from the towns of Marbach am Neckar and Ulm, from where the Kleinknechts came, along with the expertise of them as chefs, they achieved in making the authentic german cuisine that everyone can enjoy at this restaurant. In spite of the changes that it has experienced in the last years, the passion and devotion of Tante Marlene makes it certain that our quality will always be the same. Only through the love for your everyday work can you keep the memory of an exceptional human being as mr. Germán alive, as he is present in every moment and in each one of our preparations.